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Senior Capstone

For my senior project, I created a company named “Sleepy Carrot” that has blind box art toy series called “The Inner Phases”. Blind boxes are a mystery toy collection that caters to consumers who love collecting objects and also like a surprise. “The Inner Phases” series takes the concept of the inner child and merges it with the concept of the energy associated with the moon phases.
In creating this project, I enjoyed studying and creating all aspects of the product from concept, logo creation, character development, package design 3D modeling and the marketing of the final product that hopefully meets a consumer need and culminates with a satisfied customer/consumer experience.

Bridget Landgren at the CVPA senior exhibition for Graphic Design, Animation and Game Arts, Interior Architecture, and Illustration

Artboard 1.png

The Concept

The blind box collection is called "INNER PHASES," and the idea comes from taking the concept of healing and caring for the inner child and the moon phases. The astrology associated with each moon phase has correlated advice on how to treat yourself that day. The combination of the two creates a brand where consumers can collect figurines they can perceive as a small representation of their self and their inner child that they need to care for. 

Each box comes with one of the eight moon phases or one of the two hidden editions- the solar and lunar eclipses. With all 10 figurines there is a card that has an illustration of the figurine, the moon phase and what astrological advice that is associated with the moon. 

Creation and Development

Early development


Moon Phases


After starting with ideas such as night creepers, breakfast bunch, and fruity bunch, I came to the final concept- moon phases. 

Inspired by the viral trend to see if two people make a whole full moon based on the moon phase, it was the day the two were born.

Keeping a young figure to recreate that innocence is needed to capture the vulnerable essence of the inner child to help the consumer want to take care of it. Also, creating a spectrum of skin tones within the purple hue to create a diverse cast of dolls.

Here the hair is taking on the main feature to represent the moon phase.


Doll A Poses

Final Doll A- Pose Sketch, 3D printed test- modeled in nomad.

3D Models and Packaging


Full Moon Process: The 3-D Models were sculpted in Nomad, and then an stl was sent to a resin printer. After printing for 26 hours, the supports were taken off and sanded smooth. It was then primed, painted and sealed. 

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