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Word Poster

Choosing a random word you must create 2 posters and a gif. 

Bridget Landgren at the CVPA senior exhibition for Graphic Design, Animation and Game Arts, Interior Architecture, and Illustration

The Concept

The blind box collection is called "INNER PHASES," and the idea comes from taking the concept of healing and caring for the inner child and the moon phases. The astrology associated with each moon phase has correlated advice on how to treat yourself that day. The combination of the two creates a brand where consumers can collect figurines they can perceive as a small representation of their self and their inner child that they need to care for. 

Each box comes with one of the eight moon phases or one of the two hidden editions- the solar and lunar eclipses. With all 10 figurines there is a card that has an illustration of the figurine, the moon phase and what astrological advice that is associated with the moon. 

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